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Electrolytica offers a wide range of instrumentation and supplies for electrochemical applications including electroanalysis and electrosynthesis. We can provide complete systems to meet your needs. Electrolytica is a North American or Worldwide representative for all of the product lines listed below. Please click on the link for more information, or send us a specific request via Email.


We represent a number of manufacturers of complementary instrumention for electroanalysis and electrosynthesis, as well as research activities in plating, corrosion, batteries and fuel cells.

AMEL offers a range of potentiostats, polarographic and trace analyzers, PC-based software, and a complete line of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and redox analyzers, including a versatile multiparametric probe. AMEL is known for their rugged performance and excellent value.

Sycopel offers a complementary range of potentiostats and PC-based software, including ultra high current units, a dual reference potentiostat, a versatile potentiostat computer interface, and a potentiostat computer module for student teaching labs, including AC impedance applications. Sycopel is known for their innovation and high quality.

We offer a range of DC Power Supplies for electrosynthesis applications, as well as Rapid amp-second and amp-hour meters with related shunts to provide current integration capability.

Electrochemical Cells

Electrolytica offers a full range of glass cells for electroanalysis and electrosynthesis applications. Glass reservoirs and custom glassware are also available. We also provide a variety of corrosion test cells from AMEL and Sycopel.

Electrolytica is the North American representative for Electrocell AB, who offers a complete line of flow cells for electrosynthesis and membrane separations. Laboratory, pilot and commercial scale models are available.

Laboratory flow cells are available for standard membrane and bipolar membrane applications.

A number of gas diffusion electrode test cells are also available.

Electrode Materials

Electrolytica offers a wide variety of electrode materials for laboratory, pilot and production systems. These include metallic electrodes suitable for anodic and cathodic applications, carbon and graphite electrodes, and high surface electrode materials such as reticulated vitreous carbon, carbon clothes and felts, and porous metals. Gas diffusion electrodes are also available. We can provide custom electrode materials and a variety of shapes and sizes. Please contact us for special requests.

Ion Exchange Membranes and Separators

Electrolytica offers a variety of ion exchange membrane materials and separators suitable for a wide variety of electrochemical cell applications. These include the full range of Tokuyama Soda, PCA, Asahi Glass, and the 7000 Series ion exchange membranes for special applications.

Electrochemical Systems

If you would like to get started in a new research area involved with electrochemistry, Electrolytica offers complete systems to meet your budget and needs. Please contact us for additional information.


Electrolytica offers a variety of ancillary supplies which may be useful for electrochemical applications. These include a variety of gasket materials for sealing electrochemical cells, graphite epoxy for making electrical connections to a variety of carbon materials, and titanium clips for electrode connections in corrosive media.